Bullish Cross is a private financial publication that focuses on stock trading, technical analysis, financial statement analysis and fundamental analysis. The publication operates two highly successful model portfolios run by stock trader and fund manager, Andy Zaky.

Bullish Cross publishes a daily financial blog focused on U.S. equities called BC Live, which is accessible only to subscribers of the publication. Mr. Zaky manages both the BC Trading Portfolio and the BC Fund Model Portfolio by posting times-stamped trades live at the moment of execution at the BC Live daily blog. The trades are also posted to the Bullish Cross Twitter account around the time of execution.

Nearly all of the content and value of the publication is in BC Live and Mr. Zaky's live management of these two portfolios.

The BC Trading Portfolio: +719.04%

October 20, 2018 -- The current BC Trading Portfolio strategy launched on September 25, 2017 and produced a net total return of 636.57% during the first year of trading. All trades were executed live for BC subscribers and also posted to the Bullish Cross Twitter account. As of October 20, 2018, the portfolio is up 719.04% in about 13-months of trading. The portfolio's performance is updated on the home page periodically and more regularly updated at BC Live.

The BC Trading Portfolio executes two different strategies based on prevailing market circumstances of the day. First, the portfolio will place leveraged common stock trades based on both technical and fundamental analysis. These trades are made in-between the larger option trades which forms the basis of the primary strategy. The portfolio makes these trade in an effort to move the portfolio forward throughout the year.

Second, the portfolio also executes a propriety complex option strategy on high beta stocks when those stocks become extremely oversold. The core of the BC proprietary option strategy capitalizes on volatility -- rather than stock direction -- and has been enormously successful in doing so.

The BC Trading portfolio's massive returns is due almost exclusively to the portfolio's effective hedging strategy. Any options portfolio can easily produce big winning trades. The problem, for most option portfolios, however, is that options trades can go in either direction.

Bullish Cross strongly believes in the BC Trading Portfolio strategy and that the portfolio will prove to be something truly special and unique within the investing community. Mr. Zaky has been doing this for 17-years now. He has been through virtually every experience an investor can go through in the market. Mr. Zaky has brought all of that experience to design a very powerful options hedging strategy which produced 720% returns in its first year.

The Bullish Cross Fund Model Portfolio: +42.70%

October 20, 2018 -- The Bullish Cross Fund Model Portfolio is a typical U.S. Equity long-short portfolio benchmarked to the S&P 500. The focus of the portfolio is outperformance of the S&P 500. The portfolio observes both diversification and allocation requirements. No single stock represents more than 10% of the portfolio's holdings at any one time and the portfolio regularly rebalances to reflect those requirements. The portfolio launched in 2016 and has outperformed the S&P 500 for THREE years straight.

In 2016, the portfolio produces 10.6% annual returns versus the S&P 500 which closed out the year at 7.48% beginning from the same period. In 2017, the portfolio produces net returns of 20.61% versus the S&P 500 which produced 19.42% over the period. In 2018, however, the portfolio has vastly outperformed. While the S&P 500 is currently up 3.52% in 2018, the BC Fund Model Portfolio is now up 7% on the year doubling the S&P 500's performance. Overall, the portfolio is up 42.7% over the past three years versus the S&P 500 which is up 32.87% over the period. This as of October 20, 2018.