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About Bullish Cross Live
During the trading session, Bullish Cross runs a live intraday blog covering the short and intermediate term direction of Apple and the financial markets. This is where subscribers all tend to gather to discuss strategy during the day. We receive peak traffic during market hours.

The live blog focuses on broad market technicals, the short and intermediate term direction of Apple’s stock price, and it is precisely where Bullish Cross does it’s buying and selling for its Model Portfolios. We talk about market technicals, where the broader market is headed and how Bullish Cross is positioning given the current environment.

In this live page, make trades on the SPY ETF for our SPY Model Portfolio. We also use this thread to explain when and why we would buy or sell our Apple positions by applying the principles outlined in the Apple Investment Strategies section of the website. So during the day, you'll see us regularly update the Bullish Cross Live page. You can find the live blog either by clicking the “Articles” tab or by clicking the BC Live tab in the navigation bar.

The Bullish Cross Live page will always display the most current trading session's commentary. In a lot of ways, Bullish Cross Live is one of the most important sections of the entire website and it is recommended that all Bullish Cross subscribers regularly visit this page. You can receive up-to-the-minute text notifications by turning on Subscriber Notifications here. ">Enter Bullish Cross Live.

About the Archive
The Bullish Cross Live Public Archive contains old intraday commentary. Once the information is sufficiently dated giving our members the greatest edge, we make our old intraday commentary public for critical review. You can see our old intraday commentary under the two links below.

Originally, we used to run two different intra-day live blogs. One that covers just Apple information and another live blog covering the broader market. To make things significantly easier for everyone, we now run one single live page that covers anything and everything on the markets during the trading session. Now subscribers will only have to visit one page during the trading session.

Yet, because we used to run two separate live blogs, if you go back far enough, our archive of old posts is split into two threads -- one called the Apple Daily Commentary and the other called the Daily SPY Trade. Bullish Cross Live combined the two threads after the week of August 7.