Bullish Cross 3.0

We are finally working on Bullish Cross 3.0 and things are moving along very well. Because of the fact that there isn't an industry out there that I think less of than the IT industry in general, I'm not making any promises as to the release date of Bullish Cross 3.0. The plan right now is to have this thing finished sometime in January. Which probably means something in 2084 after my children's grandchildren are in their 50's.

Yet, if it so happens to be the case that Bullish Cross 3.0 is actually released before 2028, perhaps it would be a good thing to get some suggestions. That's what this page is about. Please post suggestions as to what you want to see at Bullish Cross 3.0. Now here are a list of features we're working on right now which we expect will go live once Bullish Cross 3.0 is finally introduced sometime in the next decade:

1. Bullish Cross Live is finally actually Live! When we post an update, the page will update without you having to do anything. It's an actual live blog. YAY!
2. Bullish Cross Live will have the option for chronological order or reverse chronological order. You choose! Some people like it in chronological order. Others want it reversed with the newest post being at the top. You can select which way you want it.
3. Bullish Cross Live Comments Integrated with Forums! YAY! The BC Forums will be integrated with BC Comments.
4. You got Mail! Finally we will have a site-wide mail system. So you can send each-other mail.
5. Notification System. We are working on our own SMS & E-mail notification system in an effort to move away from Twitter.
6. Comment Notification for New Comments. We're working on a system for indicating to you how many new comments were posted to an article. See Seeking Alpha for example where the date and time of new comments are highlighted in Orange.
7. We are completely re-organizing the whole chapter system for different themes. This will be big.
8. New and improved payment system.
9. Contributors. We are working on Bullish Cross contributors.

There are a lot of other features coming to Bullish Cross in 3.0. But these are some of the major ones. Forum integration and improvements to BC Live are the biggest. We are also re-designing the site entirely. Post comments if there is something you want to see in Bullish Cross 3.0. In all seriousness, we are trying to get this out for a January launch. That will be just in time for some big announcements that we are going to make.

56 responses to “Bullish Cross 3.0

  1. Good stuff. How about a way for us to be alerted if someone comments on a post (i.e. thread) we started?

  2. I would love to help with an iOS app. If you’re interested, let me know and maybe we can work something out!

  3. I think having a way to search the whole site including the comments would be very helpful for a lot of us.

  4. This is great.

    It would be great to be notified on comments that are responses to our own. Often, we reply to comments in the afternoon evening and they get lost. (The fact that most of our conversations are tied to the per day posts is actually pretty difficult.)

    BC Offline — it would be nice to be able to more easily archive BC to take to read in spare time. Whether this is a download, or just a change to the current system to allow all comments to be shown on one page (for printing), this would help a lot.

    The Chapter System will be great — seeing some of the articles get filled out would be great too .. TA analysis and all. (Links to the old posts, for, say, Apple Valuation, even if it’s for a previous year.)

    Highlights in comments around your posts. Updates emailed when you update the post.

    Ability to mark comments or posts with a star. (So often I’m reading mobily and find something smart said and want to flag it to save later.)

    Contributors are great, especially folks who write scripts and share analyses… would be fantastic. Gudes to trading systems posted by people who use them (ToS, etc.) Might prevent the daily questions on how to use StockCharts/ToS etc.

    The ability to upvote/downvote comments. That would be huge.

  5. Also, automating the placement of all new articles onto the “Articles” page will be a major help.

  6. Really excited about BC 3.0…

    Here are 2 suggestions that would be great :
    – improving the search feature in order to be able to look at all posts written by specific member, and within a specific date range.
    – having a way to filter/sort/highlight comments by our favorite members.

    • +1M

      Also, the obvious one, actual BCL comments need to be searchable Otherwise, any value in member posts to BCL becomes zero in the space of 24hrs. Presumably covered if forums are integrated but worth restating.

  7. It would be cool to have a sidebar showing open positions by portfolio and maybe another sidebar with any trades that occurred for that day.

    • That’s actually already done. We have that feature coming. Both will be on the sidebar. When you visit bullishcross, the top field on the right sidebar will say “Today’s Trades.” And it will show what we did and when.

  8. Calvin Wendelboe (wendelboec)

    My suggestion: Having a new browser page come up when you click on a link another member has provided to an article, dropbox chart, etc. That way, I don’t have to hit the ‘back’ button to get back to Bullish Cross 3.0.

    Look forward to the new site/format. And thanks Andy for all your great insights.

  9. If I could check a box next to each comment I had read, that would speed up my reading the “BC live” the next time I went back during the day.

  10. I read BC on my phone ALL THE TIME. Would love to dot it in a dedicated App instead of Safari. An App that has options for push notifications. We choose what we get notified for: Every BC trade; every BC post; only “most important ever” posts; comments in a thread you started; comments in thread you’ve commented on; … hmmm… maybe that’s all I need.

  11. Pagination on the bottom of the archive screen. Suppose if I want to go to January 12, 2012, I have no way going to that page. I select January month and then I have to make atleast 6 clicks. So it would be nice if you introduce pagination just like the Google search results page.

  12. Andy, I’d love to see at the end of the day or prior to the next day a place just for charts with annotations like Cobra has. I think that would be really helpful. It would also be very helpful to fill in charts as days progress with your earlier projections of what may happen. For example, on today’s 10:30 post you indicate a potential bear flag. Would be great to see how that plays out (I know that was on a 5 min chart, but you could do these on hourly or daily charts where you think it would be valuable).

    I don’t think this would be too much more work for you (I hope not!) because the charts are already posted to BC live. Anyway, I think it would be very helpful to follow your charts.

  13. Migration of current BCL history and current forums to BC3.0 at launch. There’s been about 15 months of gold (aside from AZ’s posts) that are rarely searched/read b/c you can’t search BCL comments as one example.

  14. Choose a forum option that has good iOS app support, like Cobra’s forums are accessible via Tapatalk.

  15. Forum option that supports ratings or at least +1/-1, such that crowd-sourcing by peers will elevate the useful posts. Which will also remove the 87 comments that say “+1”.

  16. Well, #5, notification system is most important to me. The twitter gateway seems unreliable, I think I get SMS on my phone for about 3/4 of your trades.

    I have systems that I’ve developed which SMS me by using the email gateway provided by AT&T, where email sent to yourphone#@txt.att.net is sent to the phone as SMS. This is dozens on a typical day, sometimes hundreds, and I don’t think it has ever failed to deliver a message–much more reliable than the twitter thing I think. I also think the other mobile carriers provide such email gateways. So you can get SMS with no additional work, just let us provide 2 or 3 email addresses for notifications.

    Beyond that, let us choose what to get SMS alerts about: none, trades only, all your posts to BC Live, all AZ posts to comments.

  17. Would be nice to be able to navigate the BC Live archive easier, vs having to click the previous button a million times to the date you want to read or trying to guess the URL. Maybe a calendar view, so I can quickly click on the date, and pull up all associated updates/comments on that date? As a new member, when references are made to previous dates, I like to go back to the BC Live of that date to see how those compare to current.

    And +1 on the search.

  18. EDIT button for the comments please andy.

    Particularly important when commenting from a phone.

  19. Just a thank you note to Andy and members for the hard work you all do. This site is a class act.

  20. 1) edlefts point about migrating all comments and making it searchable on day 1 of BCL 3.0

    2) edlefts 2nd point he made a long time ago about multiple SMS or multiple twitter feeds. sribe suggested it too above.
    – @BCTrades – any time andy trades
    – @BCQuestions – a receive only twitter account– a way to ask you a question. if it gets a lot of retweets, its popular.
    any time andy writes:
    – @BCLive – a new post is made on BCLive or Andy posts a comment in WP or vBulletin.

    Or edleft’s brilliant idea that if you want to be time sparing, then the @BCLive tweet *is* the actual concise BCLive post, which could link to a pict

    • I can probably create a “questions” page instead of using twitter. So on the question’s page. If it gets +1’s, then it moves to the top.

  21. The feature of push notification, as currently implemented using Twitter and SMS, is a key one I think. Whatever gets implemented in 3.0 can you make sure it works for international subscribers and not just constrained to those in the US.

    • Yeah we will have our own internal system for sending out SMS and e-mail notifications. If anything, international will have to use e-mail if there is an issue with international texts.

      • I’m not sure email is a sufficient alternative for getting time-critical alerts. The twitter SMS method doesnt work in the Netherlands, but the workaround using the Push 3.0 app works great and it would be a real pity if BC 3.0 were to break that.

        Whatsapp is a very popular free SMS alternative that works in iOS that’s driving telcos in Europe nuts because no one sends SMS any more. It would be easy to create a BC group to send instant alerts to.

  22. 3.0 Ideas for enhancing returns on the BC portfolio: Andy, can you explore portfolio bolt on ideas such as the following?

    >> Sell synthetic stock positions to hedge the portfolio during periods where there is a high probability of apple declining (such as right before major hyped product introductions).

    As an example, I sold the following synthetic monday 9/10 when it looked likely apple would decline for the typical pre announce sell off: SELL SEPT 675 CALL, BUY SEPT 675 PUT for approx zero cost. I closed it out 9/12 after iphone launch and made a large profit. I sized the synthetic to be 60% of my delta exposure, but in hindsight wish I’d sized it 100%. So it covered around 60% of my portfolio drawdown over the 3 days.

    The beauty is it costs near zero, actually reduces margin requirements due to limiting the portfolio max downside, but allowed me to keep jan positions I don’t want to sell until jan to defer gains until next year. All the while adding a nice return pop. The key for this is having a high degree of confidence in the downward direction…

    A couple of bolt on ideas like this could significantly enhance our overall returns. You could position them as optional add-on enhancers for those willing to be more active.

  23. I 34th edleft’s suggestion of a “reddit-like” way to upvote (or downvote) comments. There are indeed gems hidden in the BCL comments, but there are a lot of “+1” / random / “ANDY I BOUGHT THE WEEKLIES AND AAPL HAS DECLINED 10 POINTS AND NOW MY CHILDREN WON’T BE ABLE TO EAT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS ILL-ADVISED POSITION” posts that you have to wade through to see them. Upvote/downvote would let the good stuff get to the top and (more importantly, I think) push the random stuff down to the bottom.

    I’d also like to see a way for “timeless” information to be cataloged and archived. E.g., general basic investing strategies/rules that are good for all traders to know. This could take the form of a more formal “article” system, but as an alternative, maybe something like a member-edited wiki could work too. In the example offered above, there would be a “Basic Option Investing Strategies/Rules” wiki page, which could excerpt paragraphs of Andy’s commentary from BCL and/or comments to BCL posts (along with a link back to the source page).

    Finally, if you’re interested in suggestions on what kind of content to include in BC3.0, for me personally, I would like to see the market commentary in BCL continue, to the point of AZ offering general buy/sell recommendations. Andy, I know you want to get away from suggesting specific spreads to buy, but for me, at least, I would like to continue to see you offer commentary like “AAPL is now oversold, so it’s a good time to buy some short-term spreads” (without offering a specific spread recommendation). I am one of those members (maybe in the minority?) who doesn’t monitor the market closely during the day (other than reading BCL), and while I could do my own RSI/ChiOsc analysis on AAPL, I would prefer not to and instead place my trades based on your general market commentary.

  24. Micah Wakefield (Aspect13)

    A chat room would be pretty sweet. The BC Live is sort of like a chat room but still not quite the same. For those that like to talk back and forth about their thoughts and ideas throughout the day, it could be pretty fun.

  25. I realized today that in my prior post I did not mention performance of the twitter-based alerts. I received the SMS about Andy’s post saying AAPL was becoming overbought about 1.5 hours after he posted. In contrast, I find that (over many thousands of alerts), messages that are sent via the AT&T email gateway typically show up in about 15 seconds, the outliers on the “poor” side of performance sometimes hit 1 or 2 minutes–*never* an hour or more.

  26. Live post timestamp anchors. I cannot express how important this is. For example AZ makes a post that starts off “4:15 PM — What a week!” I need there to be an HTML anchor right at that new paragraph so I can refer to it later on from, say, a comment of mine three days later.

    I’m no HTML expert, but I think the anchor needs to be something like ” 4:15 PM What a week! (rest of post) ” so I can use this link that jumps directly to that paragraph: http://bullishcross.com/2012/09/bullish-cross-live-275/#time_0415PM You BC developers need to automate this because he sure isn’t going to remember to type this in, lol.

    Now this is incredibly important because it also allows the implementation of my next suggestion..

  27. BC Master Index. BC Concept Index. There is so much wisdom scattered across the live posts. Who here hasn’t built up an index out of bookmarks over time? You bet I have a bookmark folder called “option taxation” with a link named “wash sales” pointing to the January 18 2012, 2:40 PM post. Someone — anyone — please, oh please needs to re-read every single BC live post, think about them very carefully and construct the appropriate index references. To do that you need to add timestamps anchors to all past posts as I described earlier. The indices of course need to cover the articles and all other content as well. Gigantic undertaking (I think I just volunteered). But immeasurably valuable.

    • I’ve been thinking about setting up an offsite wiki that we could populate with links via crowd-sourcing. Maybe BC can just set one up. We can link to our accounts and then we can help build up the library of info ourselves.

  28. BC editor. This is trickier than it sounds. You need someone who participates here, so they know to edit that price from 580 to 680 because it’s completely obvious. But you also need someone who can just edit the low-level errors that were certainly made in haste or due to lack of sleep or whatever (spelling, misplaced words etc.) You do not want some english major that is going to start rearranging sentence structure or making style changes. That would be a disaster. Only make changes that in no way alters the original intent. You probably want someone who just works silently in the background, maybe sending Andy an email once a week asking for a clarification. You’d need to have incredible trust in this person.

  29. Ability to mark comments or posts with a star. (So often I’m reading mobily and find something smart said and want to flag it to save later.)

  30. Micah Wakefield (Aspect13)

    Andy, I believe many long-time subscribers are very concerned about the size of $$ and amount of followers of BC. Obviously, whatever you believe is best; it is your choice. With over 900 followers on Twitter now, which is how I’ve gotten a general idea of how large the number of subscribers has gotten, it seems like this could end up having a negative impact on all previous subscribers. Although I could be wrong, I’ve heard similar sentiment from numerous other long time subscribers who feel the same way.

  31. This all looks very exciting. One suggestion for the main page is this = Please make the “Bullish Cross Live” be one tab and the “Bullish Cross Live Archive” be a different tab. I would imagine that the first one is probably the most frequently visited and it would be great to have it at the top level entry to the site. Thanks for al the super things already at BC and what’s to come!

  32. I wish we could, as members, have the possibility to make our own polls between the community.
    And ideally, having a way to find out specific members votes regarding poll questions / or sort results by highest rating members.

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    Does this work with iPhone 5?
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    what is the maximum distance the bluetooth will function away from iphone?
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    Ive gone approx 50′ without a problem
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    Can I use this headset with two mobile Simultaneously .
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    Can I use a ear hook?
    Asked by Carolyn F from Little Rock Feb 13, 2012
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    Will it work for new I pad
    Asked by Radhakrishnan G from Aurora Mar 23, 2012
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    Yes it will work……it’s too good
    Answered by Koganti V from Hyderabad May 14, 2012

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