1. Does Bullish Cross offer personal investment advice?
No. For obvious reasons, Bullish Cross cannot offer personal investment advice. However, this doesn't mean we can't run through different hypothetical situations in an open forum as a learning experience for everyone. While private communication will be limited, the editor will be running a live open forum for its members.

One purpose of Bullish Cross is to create a good learning environment for everyone through the case study method of analysis. Everything is going to be run on modeling. Bullish Cross will be "buying" and "selling" equities, but will be doing so within a model. So for example, Bullish Cross will be buying and selling the SPY and SPY options. But it will be only doing so hypothetically. The idea is to learn the model. Bullish Cross cannot recommend that anyone buy or sell based on the model. We can only show what we would do with a particular portfolio.

2. What is Bullish Cross?
Bullish Cross is a financial newsletter covering Apple and the financial markets. The publication chiefly publishes earnings related research, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis on both Apple and the broader markets.

3. If I become a subscriber, how easy is it to cancel?
Bullish Cross makes it very easy to cancel a subscription under your profile page. It's simply the click of a button. It's as easy as that.

4. Does Bullish Cross grandfather subscription rates?
Yes! As time goes on, Bullish Cross will be significantly expanding its offering and will be increasing its monthly subscription rate. Yet, early adopters will always be grandfathered in at their current monthly rate. If we reduce our prices below your monthly subscription rate, we'll reduce your rate as well.

5. Refund Policy.
Refunds aren't permitted at the current moment. For questions regarding your account, please e-mail admin@bullishcross.com. Accounts can be easily cancelled at any time under your profile page.

6. Other Questions?
Feel free to post other questions about the site here or you can send e-mail to admin@bullishcross.com