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Bullish Cross has now re-opened the publication to new members as of June 18, 2012. Given the extraordinary amount of interest that we have received over the past several weeks, we will likely be capping the membership again shortly after launch. Bullish Cross only offers a Recurring Membership at $199.99 a month. The membership automatically continues until canceled which you can do from your profile page at Bullish Cross.

Please keep in mind that we do not offer any trial memberships nor do we offer any refunds of any kind under any circumstances whatsoever. Most of our members have arrived here by word of mouth. We don't advertise or directly market the site anywhere. It is highly recommended that you exercise reasonable care and due diligence before deciding to become a Bullish Cross member. The newsletter is not intended for everyone. Please ask around before considering becoming a member.

If you have decided that you are interested in becoming a member to Bullish Cross, please follow the instructions in the link provided below. There is a multi-step process to becoming a member of Bullish Cross.

Bullish Cross Membership Fee: $199.99 A month

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