The Bullish Cross Apple 2012 10-Bagger

Thursday, August 18, 2011 -- The Bullish Cross Apple 2012 10-Bagger is part of the Bullish Cross Situation Room which will cover the merits of an on-going investment thesis intends to yield a 1,000% between August 18, 2011 when the strategy was created through 2012. We plan to make 3-4 trades that we believe will create a massive amount of oversized gains at a relatively lower profile of risk.

When we say a "relatively lower profile of risk" we mean that the risk to generate 1,000% in gains using this strategy is far lower than any other strategy that Bullish Cross has ever encountered. Especially given the time-frame for this trade.

The material below covers this investment strategy and is an ongoing work in progress. Whenever we update the material in this section of the website, we will also publish a corresponding article. We will also send out a Bullish Cross text notification anytime we post an update. Thus, turing on text notifications will be beneficial for anyone who wants to follow this portfolio.

Table of Contents
1. The Preamble (August 18, 2011)
2. The General Investment Thesis (August 18, 2011)
3. Analyzing the Risks (August 20, 2011)
4. Apple Sitting at the Precipice of a Massive Move Part 1 (August 26, 2011)
5. Apple Sitting at the Precipice of a Massive Move Part 2 (August 26, 2011)
6. Analyzing the Investment Thesis in Light of the September Sell-Off (September 5, 2011)
7. The Multi-Dimentional Framework (September 6, 2011)
8. Using Index Options to Hedge Against Market Risk (September 18, 2011)
9. The Apple October Call-Spread Repositioning (October 3, 2011)
10. The Second-Amended Strategy & the Ever-Enduring 10-Bagger Model (November 2, 2011)