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The Situation Rooms
1. The Bullish Cross June Investment Report (2013 $400-$500 Apple Call-Spread)
In this room, we discuss the January 2013 $400 - $500 call-spread. The merits of the spread is discussed at great length over multiple pages.

We explain why that spread even at the current price level is the single best thesis around. It's a thesis that carries very low risk profile allowing investors to take a very significant bet. It is the easiest path to financial independence, and some of our subscribers will end up creating life changing gains.

2. The Bullish Cross Apple 2012 10-Bagger Investment Thesis
The Bullish Cross Apple 2012 10-Bagger is part of the Bullish Cross Situation Room which will cover the merits of an on-going investment thesis that will yield a 1,000% between August 18, 2011 when the strategy was created through 2012. We plan to make 3-4 trades that we believe will create a massive amount of oversized gains at a relatively lower profile of risk.

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